Who is rumouring that the grid cable tray is "steel straight wire"?


If you think the grid cable tray is a straight man of s […]

If you think the grid cable tray is a straight man of steel, you must not know it well enough. If you seriously understand its versatility, you will find that it really suits you. Why do you say that? Because in the construction of our project, there will always be site height deviation, fire protection, HVAC, water pipes and other variables that have not been predicted in advance. At this time, the traditional cable tray will directly bolt Q. Our changeable grid cable tray has an absolute advantage, and we can achieve flexible cable tray installation by cutting and making elbows on site.
Without further discussion, let's first show you the magic "multi variant" grid bridge of New Sunpln Technology

One of the reasons why New Sunpln Technology grid cable tray has been so popular in installation: dexterity and simplicity. Because it does not need to customize any elbow, tee and other parts, it can be made into various forms according to the actual situation of construction. This feature is very simple for designers and installers, which can greatly reduce the installation time.

Let's understand the characteristics and advantages of "steel straight wire"!
First of all, the maintenance work is simple after the grid bridge of New Sunpln Technology is selected. Equipment is often added, deleted or changed in the machine room, and at the same time, some cables will be removed or added. The cables can be observed by using our grid bridge, so it is easy to identify the cables that need to be replaced, making maintenance and servicing easier.
Secondly, in our project construction, the cost budget is also limited. After selecting the grid cable tray of New Sunpln Technology, the cable cost and energy consumption can be reduced. Because the grid cable tray is open, and the cables can be naturally ventilated for heat dissipation, the heat will not be gathered to a large extent, and the temperature in the cable tray will not rise, so the service life of the cables we place can be extended, or smaller cables can be used to reduce the purchase cost.
Many people will think that the bearing capacity of open grid bridge will be reduced due to its portability. no Although it has become light, it has great bearing capacity!! Our bridges are all made of super high quality steel wires with a diameter of 4-6 mm, and cross welded by professional spot welders. Each welding point can withstand super tension. For grid cable tray, we have absolute professionalism.
In addition to good load-bearing performance, the grid cable tray is also very durable and solid. New Sunpln Technology can provide you with a variety of surface treatment methods, including electro galvanizing (indoor is recommended), hot galvanizing (outdoor is recommended), and plastic spraying (color can be customized). For some special environments, the mesh cable tray can also provide 304L and 316L high-quality stainless steel series cable tray and accessories, which can really ensure the durability of the product.
In addition to these, for everyone in the Appearance Association, face value is also very important. The grid cable tray of New Sunpln Technology can be painted in various colors according to customer requirements. It directly breaks the black tone of the traditional computer room. The colorful grid makes the installation colorful and beautiful.